July 11, 2017

Meeting called to order by Bill with a moment of silence followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


            A short video presentation of the Genoa Tower built in the 20’s by Charles Gregory who was originally from Crawford County.  The tower was along Highway U.S. 24 in Colorado at the highest point between New York City and Denver, and was a welcome stop.  Gregory died in 1943 and the interstate bypassed it.  Jerry and Ester Chubback purchased it in 1967.  They stuffed it with all sorts of bric-a-brac, much of which was nailed and screwed to the ceiling –a visual overload of stuff.  Chubback claimed you could see six states from the top which was a very difficult climb. The tower became the social center of Genoa with many parties and events held there.  Chubback died in 2003 and it was closed.  Now there is a movement underway to try to save it.

Business Meeting

I.        Minutes were reviewed.  Jim made a motion to approve, seconded by Louie, and it passed.

II.      President’s Report – Newsletter out in 2 weeks.  Black Diamond Exterminators to begin in August.  Our lawn mower has agreed to mow less ground for $50.  Will bush hog the rest 2 or 3 times.

III.    Financial Report – Beginning balance was $12,743.40.  $520.00 deposited from 2 memberships and a large donation from Mary Simpson.  $914.19 disbursed for state fees, insurance, house payment, and utilities.  Ending balance is $12,349.21.  Membership is 36.

IV.    County Historian’s Report – An Official Postmasters’ Account and Record Book received from Leslie Halfacre of Middletown, Ky.  It’s for Tower for the years 1901, 02, and 03.  A container of books were received from Carol Tumey.  See the attached list for the titles.  Janet Leonard has offered an old ornate pump organ from around 1890 for the Proctor House.

V.      Archives Report – Deposited $52 from Roberta’s work there – memberships, copies, and a donation.

VI.    Veterans Memorial Association Report – May be getting security cameras soon.

VII.  Proctorville Report – Beginning balance was $5,277.34.  One deposit of $1,243.50 from the yard sale.  $508.28 disbursed for mowing, utilities, and safe deposit box.  Ending balance is $6,012.56.  Discussion followed about leaving the stuff as is for more yard sales this summer.  Due to lack of workers, lack of community interest, and other factors, probably not a good idea to extend the yard sale.  Carol made a motion to pack it up and dispose it, seconded by Roberta, and the motion passed.

VIII.            New Business – Pump organ offer was discussed.  Would be nice to have, but heavy and difficult to move from Bedford.  No place to store it during the restoration process of the Proctor House.  Bill made a motion to not accept it, seconded by Louie, and the motion passed.  Louie suggested we have a class on the 5th generation ancestor charts for our book.  Roberta suggested we do a book for our bi-centennial year coming up soon.  Discussion followed about the content, historical or contemporary perspective, of such a book.  A planning/brainstorming meeting was planned for July 26th at 1 p.m.  A new logo was also suggested.

IX.    No bills were presented.  Sharon brought a binder of our minutes from 1984 for our archives.

X.      Meeting adjourned.  Those attending – Roberta Toby, Ruth Terry, Jim Kaiser, Don Standiford, Louie and Diane Mitchell, Marie Greathouse, Sharon Morris, Bill and Robin Piper, Casey Blair, Mike Witt, and Carol Tomlinson.




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