August 8, 2017

Meeting called to order by Bill with a moment of silence followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Bill passed around an old seal , sort of a stamp machine, that has been donated to the Society by Bruce Boldt.  His uncle was Charlie Boldt and the Mt. Lebanon Church was on the property.  This seal was in the church and is numbered as Grange 2250.

Business Meeting

1.       Minutes were reviewed.  Roberta made a motion to accept them which was seconded by Judy, and the motion passed.

2.      President’s Report -  Sump pump has been installed with a 3 year warranty by A.C.Phillips Co. of Milltown.  Newsletter is out.  Some more purchases for storing and displaying historical material were made so that $400 of a previous $1000 donation for that purpose has now been spent.  The money went for book racks, filing cabinets, and a table.

3.      Vice-President’s Report -  Stan continued the narrative on events leading up to and after the Civil War.  The Reconstruction Period was 1866-1873.  We were taught in school that it was an awful time for the South with carpetbaggers everywhere and great chaos and disorder.  Even though the 14th and 15th amendments were passed giving equal protection and voting (not to women) to all Americans including the freed slaves, the South was trying to undo that by passing legislation referred to as “Jim Crow”  laws.  Stan read many of the codes passed by the Mississippi Legislature in 1866.  They required contracts signed by black workers with the intent on putting them back into slavery.  The black people remained segregated and discriminated against for years.  The Civil Rights Movement began with Brown vs the Board of Education and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the fifties.  We have come a long way, but still have not solved our problems.

4.      Financial Report -  Beginning balance was $12,349.21.  $395.90 deposited from memberships, donations, copies, and a refund from Indiana Natural Gas brought the total to $12,745.11.  $198.59 disbursed for utilities and house payment leaves an ending balance of $12,546.52.  Total membership is 51.

5.      Archives Report -  Louie donated an antique wooden potato masher and Roberta collected $50 for memberships and copies.

6.      Veterans Memorial Association Report -  Dedication may be moved to Veterans’ Day.  Meeting on August 14th.  All are welcome to come.

7.      County Historian’s Report -  Roberta received information about the proposed replacement of the bridge over Camp Fork Creek in English.  INDOT will send her more information as the project moves forward.  Bill Byrd from Milltown encourages everyone to fill out the survey for the Hometown Collaborative Initiative and to go to the meeting August 22 from 6-9 p.m. at the 4-H building.

8.      Proctorville Report -  Beginning balance was $5,277.34.  No deposits.  Disbursements of $508.28 for utilities and mowing leaves an ending balance of $4,769.06.  The remains of the yard sale were donated to the church on Speed Rd.  Think the restoration work will begin in November.

9.      Fund-Raising -  The com. met and discussed producing a book on 200 unique things about Crawford County for the Bi-Centennial next year.  Can include people, places, facts, etc.  Can also put in some historical things.

No bills were presented.  Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

Those present were Don Standiford, Carol Tomlinson, Judy and Stan Faith, Louie Mitchell, Roberta Toby, Ruth Terry, Sharon Morris, Bill and Robin Piper, Mike Witt, and Jim Kaiser.



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