October 10, 2017

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. with a moment of silence followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

HCI Survey Report  - The results were presented by Carol.

            The Hometown Collaborative Initiative was developed by the Indiana Office of Rural and Community Affairs, Ball State University, and Purdue University.  Its purpose is to help communities in Indiana identify needs and assets in order to make them a better place to live.  All residents of our county and those who work here were encouraged to fill out a survey addressing three major areas of concern – place-making, leadership, and economy.  These are the building blocks to plan and implement positive changes to improve our county.  Only one will be selected as it’s about a two-year process.  There were 611 responses to the survey.  Several priorities were identified in each building block.  The 1st priority under place-making was to improve the downtown areas, under economy was to retain existing businesses, and under leadership was to improve interpersonal leadership skills.  The results of the survey created a thoughtful discussion as we are very interested in positive outcomes for our communities.

Minutes  -  were reviewed.  One correction noted – the date of the Faiths’ cook-out changed from Oct. 21 to Nov. 4.  Roberta made a motion to accept the minutes, 2nd by Stan, and the motion passed.

President’s Report  -  Newsletter for the 4th quarter is out.  An interesting program will be presented on Oct. 18 at the Dubois Public Library entitled “ Grave Interest” by Jay Neighbors.  Bill has created magnets for us to sell at the Sorghum Festival.

Vice-President’s Report  -  Stan will talk on the history of dirt (where Crawford County came from) at the next meeting.

Financial Report  -  Sharon reported a beginning balance of $11,907.21 as of Sept. 12.  Deposits of $101 for memberships and digital books brought the balance to $12,008.21.  Disbursements for utilities, booth rental at the 4-H building, and house payment totaled $213.32.  This leaves an ending balance of $11,794.89.  Total membership is 59.

Archives and Veterans Memorial Reports  -  given by Roberta.  She deposited $51 on Sept. 30th for the sale of a C C Camp book and $25 on Oct. 10th for copies.  Out of town visitors were from Elberfeld and from Charleston, So. Carolina.  Dale Roll is no longer the maintenance man for the Archives.  The dedication for the Memorial will be Nov. 11 at 1 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.  Lots of information on the veterans of the county for all the major wars or conflicts will be placed for the public to view.  The Memorial has been over 6 years in the making but we can be proud that the Historical Society first gave life to it.

Proctorville Report  -  One more office has to sign off on the grant approving the specs for the materials that will be used in the restoration process.  Then the bids for contractors will go out.  The Proctor House account had a beginning balance of $5,856.83.  No deposits.  Disbursements for utilities, insurance and mowing totaled $1,458.40 leaving an ending balance of $4,398.43.

Fund-Raising Report  -  Corydon Instant Print has given us quotes for printing Bi-Centennial calendars, pencils, and banners for our county’s 200th birthday next year.  Will also get quotes from a place in New Albany  before making a decision.

Donations  -  WWII army uniforms from Donna Schultz.  English memorabilia and a drawing of the old Beechwood store from Steve Eastridge.

Old Business  -  discussed the Bi-Centennial book we hope to print containing 200 interesting facts about the county – people, places, events, etc.  An Open House for our new building was also discussed.  Virginia Watson would like to display her father’s (Earl Denbo) paintings at the event.  He painted our county’s seal and was a well-known artist here in the county.

Bills  -  Roberta presented a bill of $217.12 for the new display cabinet and for postage.

Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting is Nov. 14.

Those present were Roberta Toby, Bill Piper, Clayton Blair, Casey Blair, Mike Witt, Jim Kaiser, Louie Mitchell, Stan and Judy Faith, Sharon Morris, Don Standiford, and Carol Tomlinson.

Submitted by Carol Tomlinson, Secretary



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