November 14, 2017

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. with a moment of silence followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Program  -  Barbara Baker shared her memories of her Indian grandfather and grandmother. One was a Cherokee and the other was a Blackfoot.  Her Indian name is Red Feather and she is very proud of her heritage.  Her Cherokee grandfather taught her the language on the condition that she stick to it which she did.  She also sings gospel music in the Cherokee language and she sang Amazing Grace beautifully for us.  Her Cherokee grandfather would just come for a visit without letting them know and would stay for a long time.  He told many stories about the past.  Her great grandfather walked the Trail of Tears which was long and difficult.  Many died of starvation and illnesses, and those that could not keep up were shot.  Her grandfatherís favorite time of year was Christmas and had beads and feathers woven into his hair for the occasion.  She stated that treaties made by the Indians and the U.S. government were never kept, not a one.  Many Indian tribes gather at Sycamore Springs in the spring and encouraged us to go the next time.

Minutes  -  Oct. 10th minutes were reviewed.  Roberta made a motion to accept them, 2nd by Louie and the motion passed.

Presidentís Report  -  Bill showed a huge stone that had been the cornerstone of a cabin built by Jane Sprinkleís ancestor on her land.  The stone is impressive with a distinctive design  , 16 rays around a center ,carved or chiseled into it.  He had contacted the State Historical Society and the Indiana Museum about the design, but they didnít know what it was.  Bill has been taking pictures to the library for Anne to scan for the Indiana website.  We will also have the digital pictures.  He went to Vincennes for the program celebrating the release of the new George Rogers Clark quarter.  Music, schoolkids and people in costumes, etc.  Orange County Historical Society has an interesting program they put on like Murder Mysteries.  They have remodeled their museum on the square in Paoli.

Financial Report  -  Beginning balance as of October 11 was $11,794.53.  Deposits from the Sorghum Festival, books and copies totaled $201.81 bringing the balance to $11,996.34.  Disbursements to Roberta, real estate tax, house payment, and postmaster totaled $2,587.20 leaving a balance of $9,409.14.  Membership is 59.

County Historian, Archives, and Veterans Memorial Association Reports  -  Franklin County has made map of downtown areas for each of their towns.  No Archives news.  The dedication of the new Memorial drew a crowd of 300-500.  Many government officials were there.  It was wonderful.  Next meeting will be Nov. 28th .The POW flag is up so there are 8 flags.  A gazebo may be added.

Proctorville Report  -  A meeting with Cheri (Indiana Regions 15) , Angie Kleer and Tomas her assistant  will be this Thursday at 1:30 p.m. to go over all of the work thatís to be done for the restoration.  The notices for bids from contractors will be published soon.  The account for the matching funds has been closed at Main Source Bank and a new one at First Savings established.  The other Proctor House account will be closed as soon as a couple of bills have cleared.  The beginning balance was $4,398.43.  Disbursements for utilities were $88.69.  Ending balance is $4,309.74.

Fund Raising Report  -  A discussion about the Holiday Gift Show in Dec.  Roberta made a motion to not participate this year, 2nd by Louie, and the motion passed.

The Open House for our building is scheduled for March when we celebrate Founderís Day and our Bi-Centennial.  Bill wants to have several days to showcase Jenny Watsonís artwork of her father, Earl Denbo.

Next meeting is the Christmas meeting/party to be held at Stan and Judyís house on Dec. 12 at 4 p.m.  A motion by Roberta to not do a gift exchange, 2nd by Bill, and the motion passed.  Everyone to bring a side dish and a dessert.

Meeting adjourned. Those present were Carol Tomlinson, Don Standiford, Louie Mitchell, Trudy Dunkle, Roberta Toby, Bill Piper, Clayton Blair, Mike Witt, Casey Blair, Ruth Terry, Judy Faith, Sharon Morris, and Rosco Hooten.

Submitted by Carol Tomlinson, Secretary


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