CCHGS Meeting, February 13, 2018

The CCHGS met at 6:30 p.m. at their English building.  President Bill Piper led the Pledge of Allegiance after a moment of silence.

Bill presented a program on Roman coins.  Since the Roman Empire was so vast, these coins are still being discovered in many parts of the world.  He passed around bronze coins dating from 337-361 AD during Emperor Constantius II reign.  He also had coins from Emperors Licinius, Commodus, and Constantine I reigns.  Constantine I was emperor from 306-337 AD, who converted the empire to Christianity.

Business Meeting

Minutes  -  were reviewed.  No corrections so Roberta made a motion to accept them, 2nd by Louie, and the motion passed.

President’s Report  -  Thinks the newsletter should go full digital this summer, except for a few local members without access to a computer.  Would print some for them.   Advantages - the newsletter could be much larger in scope and less costly.  He announced the art show featuring Earl Denbo’s paintings ( a local artist now deceased} is March 27 from 5 to 8 p.m. at this location.  It will also be our Grand Opening.  Virginia Watson (daughter of Earl Denbo) and her daughter Lacey will provide the paintings and help set up the display.  Light refreshments will be served.

Financial Report  -  Beginning balance as of Jan.9 was $8,555.70.  No deposits.  Disbursements included Indiana Natural Gas, $76.82. English Water Works, $43.38, and Jeff Roll $142.00 totaling $262.20.  Ending balance as of Feb.13 is $8,293.50.

County Historian, Archives, and Veterans Memorial Reports  -  given by Roberta.  She continues to help people with their research.  There will be a Museum Boot Camp training session at New Albany on March 5 for those interested.  Cost is $30.00.  She deposited $217 for Dec. – Jan.   She also gave $15 in cash to Sharon,  our treasurer, to deposit.  No Veterans report as there haven’t been any meetings.

Proctorville Report  -  Was a water leak in the line between the meter and the shelter house so the water has been turned off until it can be repaired.  The Grant process  -  all of the bids received were over budget so had to be rebid.  Notices were published twice.  New bids to be picked up at the Courthouse on Feb. 22. , and brought here at our building to be opened at 3 p.m.  Bill and Carol will be there and anyone else who is interested.  The Proctor House account has $3,234.12 plus our matching funds for the grant.

New Business  -  Becky H. Stetter has updated/expanded her history book for 4th graders.  She’s requesting that we partner with the DAR to publish it as a joint Bi-centennial project and to split the proceeds from any sales.  The book will be given to every 4th grader (123 plus 5 teachers) in the county to take home.  The DAR is requesting a grant from the CFCC to help with the cost of publishing.  After some discussion, a suggestion was made to wait until the grant was obtained.  Roberta will let Becky know.

Fund Raising  -  Roberta suggested a yard sale in April or May to be held at the VFW building.  Will cost $50 to rent.  She will check with Clayton East for available dates.

Donations  -  Marc and Cathy Trueb from Oregon City, Oregon, gave some copies of the Marengo Observer dated 1905, 1908, and 1909.  They are very brittle and need to be laminated.

No bills were presented.

Elaine Stephenson shared her concerns about Leavenworth, particularly Old Town.  She has made a map listing all the historic places there.  She would like to see more people coming to Leavenworth to live and work.

The meeting adjourned.  Next meeting is March 13, 2018.

Those attending were Roberta Toby, Ruth Terry, Don Standiford, Carol Tomlinson, Louie and Diane Mitchell, Bill Piper, Clayton Blair, Michael Witt, Sharon Morris, Lou Austin, and Elaine Stephenson.


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