CCHGS Meeting, March 13, 2018

 The CCHGS met at 6:30 p.m. at their English building.  President Bill Piper led the Pledge of Allegiance after a moment of silence.

Lisa Gehlhausen gave an update on the status of the Proctor House Restoration project.  The project was rebid due to the first bids coming in way over budget.  The second time, the lowest bid was close enough to the budget so that the Society was able to obtain the necessary funds for the difference  The contractor has close ties to this county and really wants to do the restoration for us.  After the release of the funds, there will be a construction meeting around April 3 or 4th.

David Wilkins who has been in charge of the Leavenworth Cemeteries since the 1980’s talked about the Cedar Cemetery.  He asked us to correct the name on our records as it is sometimes referred to as the “Cedar Hill” cemetery.  He thought we may find records that say Cedar Hill starting around 1940.  This is confusing as there is a Cedar Hill Cemetery in Corydon that sometimes gets mail meant for the cemetery in Leavenworth.  He remarked that David Cole was the first to be buried in Cedar in 1846.  He has also got about 30 graves marked in Old Town Cemetery in Leavenworth.

Jim Kaiser informed us that histories of all the Methodist churches in our district are being collected for a book.  He had written a history of the Wickliffe Methodist Church which he shared with us.  He thought we might be interested in writing a history of the Riddle Methodist Church to be included in the book.  This church was established in 1838 and services were held continually until a couple of months ago when it was closed.

Business Meeting

Minutes  -  were reviewed.  Roberta made a motion to accept them as written.  It was 2nd by Ruth, and the motion passed.

President’s Report  -  Bill will be helping Jenny Watson this week to set up her father’s (Earl Denbo) art work for our grand opening and art show.  He showed us a proof of the history book developed by Becky Stetter for 4th graders.  It was lovely, but the printing costs were more than he anticipated.  However, we have a donor who will pay for 200 copies.

Financial Report  -  Beginning balance as of Feb. 14 was $8,293.50.  Deposits from book sales, 2 memberships, and copies totaled $187.00 which brought the balance to $8,480.50.  Disbursements included utilities, Jeff Roll and the Postmaster.  It also included a transfer of $4,000 to the Proctor House account to help with the funds needed for the Proctor House restoration.  This total is $4,551.11.   Ending balance is $3,929.39.

Membership is 73.

The Veterans Memorial Assoc. will be meeting at 7 p.m. on March 26, 2018, at the CASA building in English.  Roberta will be attending an Historian Roundtable March 28 in Indianapolis.  Jason Froman contacted her at the Archives as he is interested in genealogy.  She is helping him with research.

Proctorville Report  -  The contents of the Proctor House need to be moved out soon due to the restoration.   The purchase of a battery-powered lawn mower was discussed as Bill and sons plan to mow it this year. It was felt that it would save us money and so would soon pay for itself. Roscoe made a motion to purchase the mower.  It was 2nd  by Judy, and the motion passed.

The Proctor House account had a beginning balance of $3,234.12 as of Feb. 14.  Disbursements for utilities and O’Bannon Publishing Co. came to $497.55.  Ending balance is $2,736.57.

Fund Raising Report  -  Our yard sale at the VFW building will be April 21.  The Backyards Market event will be May 11 and 12.  It features crafts, bands, etc.  Tents can be rented and we might rent one to sell our books, etc.

Donations  -  Pictures of Luther and Aileen Jones who are buried in English were donated by Timothy Luff.

Old Business  -  Judy made a motion to purchase the 4th grade history books developed by Becky Stetter.  It was 2nd by Ruth, and the motion passed.  The books will be distributed to all 4th graders.  We are partnering with the DAR for this project.

Those present were Roscoe Hooten, Judy Faith, Jason Froman, Roberta Toby, Ruth Terry, Elaine Stephenson, Lois Austin, Louie Mitchell. David Wilkins, Jim Kaiser, Kathy Stroube, Bill Piper, Sharon Morris, and Carol Tomlinson

Submitted by Carol Tomlinson, Secretary


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