CCHGS Meeting

April 10, 2018


The CCHGS met at 6:30 p.m. at its building in English.  President Bill Piper opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes  -  were reviewed.  Stan made a motion to approve them, Louie 2nd, and the motion passed.

President’s Report  -  Bill commented on our awesome open-house/art show, and thought about 150-200 people attended.  Had a great write-up in the Clarion newspaper.  He’s opening our building from 11 to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays for the public.  New lawn mower works pretty well and is tough.  We have a notice of our organization in the business section of the Clarion coming out soon.  Chris Adams has interviewed Bill, Roberta, and Carol for an up-coming article on the 200th birthday of our county.

Vice-President’s Report  -  Stan reported on where the dirt in Crawford County came from.  Cherokee Indians had many legends about dirt.  But, in the 20th century, we figured how dirt was formed.  All dirt come from atoms created in a star.  Thirteen billion years ago there were no atoms.  Then a star exploded suddenly spewing out hydrogen, helium, and other elements.  All elements come from stars exploding.  The explosion creates a nuclear fusion reaction, and neutrons and protons are formed which are the nuclei of atoms.  These nuclei bond together in various ways to form over a hundred different elements of which everything on earth (including dirt) is made.  See the article on Nuclear Fusion that Stan handed out.

Financial Report  -  The beginning balance as of March 13th was $3,929.39.  Deposits from 3 memberships and 1 donation of $1,000 brought the total to $4,974.39.  Disbursements for utilities and for the 200 4th grade history books we had printed totaled $1,088.07.  This leaves an ending balance of $3,886.32 as of April 10th.  Membership is 75.

County Historian, Archives, Veterans Memorial Reports  -  Roberta attended the County Historian Workshop in Indianapolis on March 28th.  Alberta Baker of Louisville, KY, has donated a car load of genealogy and history books.  She is working on documenting them all.  She’s still working on the Pioneer book, and Janet Johnson is contributing some photos and news articles for it.

Roberta has deposited $109 for books sold, 1 membership, and copies from her work at the Archives.  The new offices in the Archives building are finished and occupied  -  Veterans Service Office, Work One, and Homeland Security.

Work will begin on the parking lot for the Memorial, landscaping, and putting in new bricks for veterans as soon as the weather permits.  A piece of military equipment is still being discussed.

Proctorville Com. Report  -  The Proctor House has been emptied of all furnishings and cleaned.  The contract with our contractor has been signed by all concerned  -  the County, the Society, and Regions 15.  MyersWhite (our contractor) plans to begin the restoration work very soon.

Fund Raising  -  Yard sale at the VFW, Saturday April 21st.  Be there at 6:30 a.m. to set up as no access to the site before then.

Donations  -  Work One  - metal rack,  Steve Eastridge  - English Raider jacket;  Bob Roberts – early 1900’s pictures;  Jim Kaiser – some books titled “Eckerty, Indiana, Revisited” about life in a circuit preacher’s family in the 50’s.  It was written by an EUB preacher.  We will sell them for $10 each.

Old Business  -  The pricing of the 4th grade history books to be sold was discussed as the DAR thought they were priced too low.  The Society hopes to sell them all so they’re not just sitting on shelves.  Stan made a motion for Bill to negotiate the price with the DAR, Louie 2nd it, and the motion passed.

Bills Presented  -  Roberta presented a bill for $21.75 for the trash removal at Proctor House that was taken to the Marengo Recycling Center.  It was approved to be paid.

Elaine Stephenson shared an idea for a map and had prepared a sample.  She thought we might be able to print it and use it.

Meeting adjourned.

Those present were Jason Froman, Ruth Terry, Roberta Toby, Jim Kaiser, Louie Mitchell, Stan and Judy Faith, Andy and Glenda Laswell, Carol Tomlinson, Bill Piper, Elaine Stephenson, and Lou Austin.


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