CCHGS Meeting

May 8, 2018

President Bill Piper opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. with a moment of silence followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The program was presented by Richard Fields from Michigan who has written a book about his family’s history, much of it here in the county.  The book is titled “My Family Quest – A Search for My Ancestors”.  His grandfather lived in Birdseye and the house is occupied now by a young family.  Russell Fields, a first cousin twice removed, lived here in Crawford and was a well-known and colorful character in the neighborhood.  John and Juanita Sturm, neighbors of Russell, contributed a lot of information about Russell.  Richard told amusing antidotes and read excerpts from his book.  He gave much background information on how he became interested in genealogy and his efforts to trace his family’s history.  It was an amusing and informative narration.  He commented that after Russell’s death in 1993 there were no more Fields from his lineage in the county.  There has also been a lot of tragedy in the family with a shooting and a 4 year old child turned over to the Poor Farm to be raised.  His book is available in the library and also in the archives at the CCHGS building in English.

Business Meeting

Minutes  -  were reviewed.  Louie made a motion to approve, Robin 2nd, and the motion passed.

President’s Report  -  Work has begun on the Proctor House restoration.  The floor was raised an inch but is still uneven.  A wall separating two rooms upstairs has been torn down so just one big room now. 

Treasurer’s Report  -  Beginning balance as of April 10th was $3,886.32.  Deposits totaled $7,004 which included donations of $6500, memberships $35, books $120, two deposits by Bill and Roberta $349.  This brought the total to $10,890.32.  Disbursements of $1,180.11 included utilities, house payment, O’Bannon publishing, and Sam Wilson for painting.  This leaves an ending balance of $9,710.21.  Total membership is 78.

County Historian, Archives, and Veterans Memorial Assoc. Reports  -Nothing from the Veterans as haven’t been any meetings.  Roberta deposited $162 on May 4th for book sales and memberships from her work at the Archives.  She reported a donation of old high school graduation invitations by Phyllis East Rock (Clayton East’s sister).  These were from 1931 to the Forties.

Nothing more to report on the Proctor House or fundraising.

Donations  -  Roberta donated a map of Crawford County dated 1817 that she purchased at the Historians’ Roundtable in Indianapolis.

Bills  -  Bill presented a shipping bill of $36.62.  The bill was paid from $40 that Bill had to deposit.

The meeting adjourned.

Those present were Ruth Terry, Roberta Toby, Juanita Sturm, John Sturm, Louie Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fields, Andy and Glenda Laswell, Carol Tomlinson. Bill Piper, and Robin Piper.


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