18th Century Veterans from Crawford County, Indiana

Note, veterans on this page are buried in Crawford County and not originally from the area.

Baldwin, Joseph
Born circa 1760, died 1840.  Served under Capt. Abel Westfall, commanded by Col. Abra. Bowman - 8th Regiment Virginia Continetal line.  Revolutionary War.

Black, Alexander
Born Feb 22, 1760, died after 1835.  Enlisted August co., Virginia around March 1, 1780.  Served in Capt. John Preston's command, Major Taylor, Virginia Troops marched to Clinch Station which was commanded by one Crockett, and while there went out on numerous scouting parties.  Discharged Dec. 1780.  Revolutionary War.

Chapin, Samuel
Born 1760, died Feb 13, 1842.  Served as private with the Vermont Troops as follows: 5 days guarding ammunition from Bennington to North River, New York, about 1 month in Capt Samuel ROBINSON'S Company., Col Moses's ROBINSON'S Regt and marched to Ticonderoga about 6 months in Capt Parmalee ALLEN'S Company., Col Samuel HERRICK'S Regt, 1 month and two weeks in the same regiment one month at Rutland in Col Ebenzer WALBRIDGE'S Regt. In the battles of Lake George Landing, Mount Defiance, Mount Hope and the "Mills at the outlet of Lake George. Revolutionary War.

Denbo, Elijah
Born 1738, died 1823.  Four years in Col MESERVE'S New Hampshire Regmt. French and Indian War. Entered the Rev War at Lee New Hampshire, April 1775, as a Capt of the N.H. Troops. Fought at Bunker Hill, Portsmouth, Cambridge and in Canada. Severed in Col BURNHAM'S and General POOR'S Regiments. Was Capt of N.H. Scouts during the Indian War, 1781-85.  Revolutionary War.

Kemp, Casper
Born 1757, died after 1822.  Served March, 1777 , one year in Philadelphia Co., commanded by Capt. Hart, then discharged. Enlisted again in July, 1778, in Regt. under Col. Dark, Capt. Bell, Co. commander, four months. Discharged from Little York, VA; in battle at surrender of Cornwallis. Revolutionary War.

Kemp, Reuben
Born 1754, died 1834.  Enlisted as a private in Capt Edward Worthington's, Col George Rogers Clark, Virginia line.  Revolutionary War.

Keysacker, George
Born 1749, died Aug 15, 1851.  Service--Pvt. serving under Capt. Jarrett, Major Scott and Col. William Darke, 1781. Served on detail to superintend troops and wagons across the ferries of the Pamunkey and Mattapony Rivers; then detailed to guard British prisoners taken at Little York and marched to Winchester; ferried Gen. Washington and suite across Pamunkey River when passing from lower part of Penn. to join the Army at Little York.   Revolutionary War.

Neal, Archibald
Born 1753, died ?.  Enlisted the Spring of 1778 in York County, PA in Capt Thomas CHURCH'S Company., Regiment commanded by Capt Anthony WAYNE. (Pennsylvania Continental Establishment). Discharged at Chester Pennsylvania   Revolutionary War.

Pierson, James
Born Oct 13, 1757, died ?.  Enlisted from Wilkes Co., NC., 1776 or 1777 in Capt Benjamin CLEVELAND'S NC Company. Was stationed at Carter's Fort as guard. Served 3 months Enlisted after 3 months in Cap t Jesse FRANKLIN'S Company in the NC Troops.  Revolutionary War.

Reed, Thomas
Born Oct 1753, died after April 1834.  While living in Lancaster Co., Penn., he enlisted as private with Penn. Troops as follows: From July or Aug 1776, 2 months in Capt John PATTON'S Company, Col PORTER'S Regiment, Dec 1776, 2 months in same Regiment, November 1777, 2 months in Capt PAXTON'S Company, Major BROWN'S Battalion, June 1778, 2 months in Capt REIM'S Company guarded prisoners at Lancaster. Revolutionary War.

Roberts, William
Born ?, died ?.  Served in a regiment not on Continental Establishment.

Rothrock, Peter
Born 1755, died Feb 4, 1826.  Private in Capt Christopher WIGNOR'S 6th Company 2nd Battalion, Bucks Co., Penn. Militia with the notion "gone out of the state" according to evidence of an Appeal Book for the year 1780. Revolutionary War.

Ruth, John
Born 1751, died May 17, 1842.  Illinois Regiment, under Major Thomas Quirk, General George Rogers Clark.  Revolutionary War.

Williams, Constant
Born 1763, died Sept 1835.  While residing in Williamstown, Mass., he enlisted 1776 and served as a private in Capt Samuel WILLIAMS'S Mass Company., in Capt DEWEY'S Vermont Co., under General E ALLEN, and under Capt or Col Benjamin SAMUEL'S in Mass Troops. He was in the battle of White Plains at Saratoga when Gen BURGOYNE was captured and on some scouting parties against the Cowboys. His entire service amount to about 9 months.  Revolutionary War.

Wright, Jeremiah
Born Mar 29, 1762, died May 18, 1833.  Enlisted when only 14 years of age. Pvt under Capt Sullivan, Col Gibson's 13th Regt, Virginia Volunteers Infantry. Served 4 months as Pvt, 9 months as Lieut under different Captains, 3 months as spy (Indian) under Capt James Marshall.  Served with Col McIntosh's company in Georgia.  Revolutionary War.

Information on this page was originally on: http://graves.inssar.org/Default.aspx , Used with permission.

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