19th Century Veterans from Crawford County, Indiana

Agan, John Newton (Dr)
 Dr. John Newton Agan, born in Marengo, Indiana, was educated at the Marengo Academy and at the Hospital Medical College in Louisville, Kentucky. He graduated in 1891 and located at Silver City the same year. Dr Agan practiced here until 1898 when he entered the service for the Spanish-American War. He located in Pender, Nebraska in 1900 and also practiced in Colorado and California, where he died 1948 at Los Angeles. He married a widow with several children.

Archibald, Marion
Civil War veteran, born in Ohio 12 Dec. 1845.  Died Sunday 7 April, 1918.  Served in Co. K, 38 Ind. 

Ash, Virgil
Co. H  23rd Ind. Inf.

Barnett, Samuel
Samuel enlisted in Co. G of the 66th Indiana Infantry on 19 August, 1862.  His unit engaged in the battle of Richmond, Kentucky, Colliersville TN, and Resaca, Kennesaw, and Atlanta Georgia.  He mustered out 3 June, 1865. Samuel H. Barnett petitioned for an increased pension amount over a period of years through 1915 due to continued ill health from scurvy and conjunctivas of the eyes.  In a letter he submitted for a pension increase (then receiving $17.00 a month) he writes:
That in November, 1862 while in camp at Indianapolis I contracted chronic diarrhea and resulting indigestion from exposure and fatigue.  Had been actively involved in the campaign in Kentucky and was one who escaped capture at Richmond, KY and was kept constantly on duty.  Several documents bear the testimonies of men who knew him well:  John W. Hammond who states that they were raised as neighbor boys and enlisted together and Samuel M. Jenkins (both from Marengo, Indiana) attests to S.H.B.'s "lung trouble and hospitalization at Marietta Georgia in August of 1864".  He was promoted to Corporal on Sept. 25, 1862.  Enlistment record indicates he was 5'6" tall with black eyes and black hair and was light complected. Samuel Barnett died 16 February, 1921 at Hartsville, Bartholomew County, Indiana. 

Pvt. Co. H, 49 Regt. Ind. Inf. Vol., Res. Crawford Co., age 22, b. Crawford Co.; farmer.  Eyes blue, hair light 5'9", complexion dark.  Enr. 4 Nov 1861 Jeffersonville; mus. 21 Nov 1861 Jeffersonville.  Left 19 Jan 1863 at Napoleon, Arkansas. Bur. Grantsburg Cem. Elizabeth Blackburn app. for wid. pens. 25 Aug 1888

Braschler, Henry
of Ripley county was born in Crawford county, Indiana, February 4, 1877. When nine years of age he came to Ripley county, Missouri, with his parents and has lived there ever since. He was educated in the common schools of the county, Doniphan high school, and the Cape Glrardeau Normal; began teaching in Ripley county in the year 1897 and has been thus engaged ever since with the exception of the year of the Spanish-American war. He volunteered and enlisted in Co. E. of the 2nd U. S. Infantry. He saw active service through the Santiago campaign in Cuba with his regiment. At the close of the war, he returned to Missouri and re-entered the profession in Ripley county. In the year 1909 he was elected school commissioner of his county and when the supervision law went into effect, qualified as superintendent.

Bullington, William H.
was born December 28, 1839 in Crawford County, Indiana to Daniel Bullington, and his wife Hattie (Lower) Bullington. William was 21 years old when he enrolled with the 49th at Camp Joe Holt on November 4, 1861. He is described as 5'6" tall, dark complexion, black hair and eyes, and William was by occupation, a cooper. He continued with the 49th from November 1861, through March/April 1862, when he was listed as being sick at Lexington, Kentucky, until July/August 1862, when he was listed as being present through May/June 1863. He again was listed as being sick in May/June 1863, when again he was listed as being sick in the hospital, at  Lexington. He was then discharged for disability June 26, 1863, at Black River Bridge, Mississippi, by reason of Chronic Diarrhea. Upon his discharge and return home, his  occupation was that of a farmer. He continued having difficulty with his disorder for the remainder of his life. William was married twice, his first wife, Anabell B Johnson, died December 20, 1878. they had six children; Harriet M (Bullock) born August 31, 1864, Ida (Brown) born March 31, 1866, Leonard T born January 12, 1868, Charles H. born December 26, 1870, George P. born March 6, 1873, William H. born January 15, 1878 After Anabell's death, William married Tabithat Williams (Sheckell?) on December 20, 1879, and together they had four children; James A born March 6, 1882, Albert A. born July 20, 1884, Elida E. born June 6, 1887, Nellie N. (Yates) born September 13, 1889, William died July 17, 1921, and is buried at Flower Point Cemetery, Marengo, Crawford Co, Indiana

Daniel, William M.D.
Born in Milltown on October 7, 1852. Enlisted in the regular army on April 19, 1861, in Company G, Twenty-third Indiana infantry, as an orderly sergeant. Civil War.

Denbo, John Wilson
JOHN WILSON DENBO was born May 22, 1847, in Crawford County, Indiana, where he remained until 1880, when he came to Kansas and located in Atchison County, where he resided for six years before coming to Barton County. Upon his arrival here he purchased 160 acres of land in section 26 in South Bend township. His land comprises the southwest quarter of this section, all of which is being farmed under Mr. Denbo's supervision. Mr. Denbo was married in 1890 to Miss Marguerite L. Hawk of Atchison and they are the parents of six children as follows: Edna, 21 years of age; Vernon, 20 years of age; Edith, 17 years of age; Clarence, 14 years of age; Hazel, 13 years of age and Chester, who died December 9, 1910. The home place is located about nine miles southeast of Great Bend and it is Mr. Denbo's intention to erect a new, modern residence within the very near future. The home now consists of four rooms with closets, pantries, etc. The barn is 40 by 56 feet in dimensions. The other improvements consist of granaries and other outbuildings that are needed for successful farm management. Mr. Denbo enlisted in the 144th Indiana Regiment January 31, 1864, and was honorably discharged August 5, 1865. In addition to the home place Mr. Denbo owns the northwest quarter of section 27, in South Bend township, and 240 acres of land in Gray County, Kansas. Mr. Denbo farms all the land in South Bend which altogether makes a total of 320 acres. Mr. Denbo farms according to best methods, having gained by experience the knowledge that can be obtained only by experiencing the years, both good and poor that have made the agricultural history of the country since he came to the County of Barton.

     DeWitt, Abraham
Pvt. Co. H. 93 Regt. Ind. INf. Vol. Rs. Ditney Hill, age 32, B. KY Farmer.  Blue eyes, dark hair, 510 in.  complexion dark, Enrolled 20 Aug. 1862, Orange Co. Mustered 1 Oct. 1862 New Albany.  Discharged 30 Sept. 1863 Mound City, Illinois, (by Cairo, ILL.)  Pens. application 21 April, 1869. Res. Boston Station (Eckerty) P. O. Patoka Twp. 1886.  Member GAR Post, Boston Station.  Bur. Potter-Rowland Cem.  Emily M. DeWitt application for widow pension , 25 Jan. 1894. Indiana

Goad, William
Served in the War of 1812  Capt. Paxton's Co. Ky Militia. Soldier served as Substitute for Richard Rice in Capt. Paxton's Co. KY Militia and he alleges service as substitute for Gabriel Goad in Capt. Roland Buck's Co. Ky Militia From Sept. 1 to Nov. 7, 1812. Enlisted in Paxton's Co Nov. 20, 1814 Discharged May 20, 1815.

Gregory, Charles M.
of Ethel, Ind., enlisted in the Regular Army August 1, 1898, in Company A, Twenty-second United States Infantry, and was discharged December 29, 1898, upon his own application at the close of the War with Spain. He again enlisted August 2, 1899, in Company C, Thirty-fifth United States Volunteer Infantry, and was discharged May 2, 1901. During the service he bore the rank of private, corporal, and sergeant.

Megenity, George
English June 18, 1898-Nov. 23, 1898, Spanish-American War.

Megenity, Robert W.
English April 26, 1898-Nov 23, 1898, Spanish-American War.

Miller, William H.
Enlisted in the army in Louisville KY October 22, 1897 and was discharged in Savannah, GA April 7, 1899.  Spanish American War.  Pvt. 2nd. U S Infantry Co. B

Mix, James B.
Civil War - Lamb's Mounted Scouts

Mix, Samuel Hagan
tombstone in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Leavenworth.  Civil War veteran

Morgan, John
Pvt. Co. F. 59 IND INF  Civil War.  B. Sept. 16, 1831, D. Feb. 9, 1862 . Resident of Sterling Twp. B. Floyd Co.  Died at Gosport of lung fever.  Buried Providence Cemetery.

Morgan, William
was enrolled on the 1st day of April, 1865 to Company A, as a recruit. He was 42 years old. William was recruited late in the war to help increase the number of soldiers in the 49th, after sickness, death, and the first  term of enlistment was up for the men. Most of the unit did not re-enlist. Only about one hundred or so men did, so men were recruited to bring up the numbers. William was one of these men. William served with the 49th Indiana until it was mustered out in September 13, 1865. William lived in Riceville, Crawford county, Indiana, before and after the war, where he resided with his wife, Margaret Morgan. Unfortunately for William, during a night of guard duty in July, 1865, he contracted a "Heavy Cold" during and because of a "Violent Rain Storm". This cold caused him to cough, severely, which led to two hernias. He was forced to wear a truss for the remainder of his life. Even so, he could do little, if any work, William spent the remainder of his life trying to get a pension. He is described as being a fine upstanding, honest man, by several of his peers.

Neely, Joseph W.
Enlisted as First Sergeant, Company F, 71st Indiana Voluntary Infantry on Aug 18, 1862.  Mustered out June 17, 1896 at Pulaski, TN.

Perew, Alex
He enlisted at Evansville 16 Aug 1862 in Capt Moore's Co. F, 81st IN Inf, he was transferred to 92nd Reg, 2nd Battalion Veteran Res. Corps from where he was discharged 9 Nov 1864.
, Civil War

Root, Thomas H
ENLISTMENT DATE: 29 Aug 1862 RANK AT ENLISTMENT: Private STATE SERVED: Indiana SURVIVED THE WAR?: Yes SERVICE RECORD: Enlisted in Company H, Indiana 81st Infantry Regiment on 29 Aug 1862.Mustered out on 13 Jun 1865.

Ross, Charles Austin  M. D.
Born In Crawford County, Indiana.
Died In Luzon, Philippine Islands, February 2, 1901.

Scott, Jesse Gibson
Sergeant in Company C, 13th Indiana Infantry (1899 - 1902) during Spanish-American War.

Standeford, William Thomas
Residence: Indiana Enlistment Date: 19 Aug 1862 Rank at enlistment: Private State Served: Indiana Survived the War?: Yes Service Record: Enlisted in Company H, Indiana 66th Infantry Regiment on 19 Aug 1862.Promoted to Full Corporal. Mustered out on 03 Jun 1865 at Washington, DC.

Taylor, Nicholas N.
Recruit, Date start: June 16, 1898, Date end Nov 4, 1898.  Spanish-American War.

Tower, Abraham Bates
Civil War, Union Army.  Check out http://www.squidoo.com/civil-war-lensography for more info!

Uttinger, Jacob
Civil War - Co. I 48th Ind. Inf.

Wilkes, Perry
 the sergeant and later 2nd lieutenant of Company F.  He was born 6 June 1830 in Crawford County, the son of Henry William Wilkes, an Englishman who migrated to the U.S. in 1817 from Portsea,  England .He is Described as being 6' tall, Dark Complexion, Black Hair,Grey Eyes. In 1844 he began work on Ohio River flatboats.  In 1852 he married Mary Louisa Romine with whom he had five children: Charles, Ida Leora, John, Hettie Louise, and Stella. At the time he joined the 49th he was a steamboat pilot living in Leavenworth. When he was Mustered in on November 21st, 1861, he was listed as a Sergeant. He then was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, February 8, 1862. When he resigned his commission in 1863, his letter of resignation (in ORN) stated, ". . . I desire to enter the service of the United States as a pilot on board one of the gunboats on the Mississippi river.  There is a great scarcity of pilots acquainted with the navigation of the Western waters.  I feel that I can render my Country more service as a pilot than I can as an officer in the Infantry." He served on the Black Hawk, Signal, Osage, and Robb and was mustered out July 3, 1865.  He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service on the Signal during the Red River campaign.  His citation stated in part, "Acting as pilot throughout the battle, Wilkes stood by his wheel until it was disabled in his hands by a bursting enemy shell." He continued as a steamboat pilot and later captain after the war.  He moved to the Portland district of Louisville in 1870. He applied for a pension in 1885 but was unable to convince the government that his illnesses were service-related. He died March 19, 1889 of a stroke and was buried in Section P, lot 866 of Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville.

Yates, Daniel
Grantsburg, Indiana; Enlistment Date: 18 Sep 1861 Side Served: Union;  State Served: Indiana  Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 18 September 1861. Enlisted in Company K, 38th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 18 Sep 1861. Mustered Out Company K, 38th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 15 Jul 1865 at Louisville, KY.  Buried: Grantsburg Cemetery, Crawford Co., IN

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