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Updated: March 28, 2018

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Issue # 14: Hellraiser Judgment

Featuring reviews of:
Hellraiser Judgment, Amityville the Awakening,
Leatherface (2017), Zombi 3, Dr Goldfoot and
the Bikini Machine and Hardbodies
Also a look at the NES Friday the 13th game - 35MB

Issue # 13: Starry Eyes

Featuring reviews of:
Starry Eyes, White Dog, A Dark Song,
In the Land of Cannibals, Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula,
Gas Pump Girls, Narcotic and a video game review of
Godzilla Kaijyu Daikessen for the Super Famicom - 18MB

Issue # 12: Christmas 2017

Featuring reviews of:
Santa's Slay, Better Watch Out, Revenge of the Blood Beast,
Capture Kill Release, Open Water 3, Psychos in Love,
Salome & American Mummy - 22MB

Issue # 11: Halloween 2017

Featuring reviews of:
The Barn, Playing with Dolls trilogy, Planet of the Vampires,
Blood and Sex Nightmare, Valley of the Gwangi, The Satanist,
Mama Dracula, Incarnate and a video game review of
Night Trap - 25th Anniversary for the PS4. - 60MB

Issue # 10: The Kill Joy Series

Featuring reviews of:
Killjoy1, 2, 3, Goes to Hell and Psycho Circus.
Also Shin Godzilla, Invasion of the Bee Girls,
Deadly Species and Carnage! - 20MB

Issue # 9: The Blind Dead Films

Featuring reviews of:
All four Blind Dead films (Tombs of the Blind Dead,
Return of the Evil Dead, The Ghost Galleon & Night of the Seagulls)
also the Jess Franco Blind Dead rip-off Mansion of the Living Dead - 41MB

Issue # 8: Valentine's Day Special

Featuring reviews of:
Includes a look at My Bloody Valentine (original and remake),
Valentine, The Final Girls, The Brain That Wouldnt' Die
and Tales of Tomorrow: Frankenstein  - 15 MB

Issue # 7: Halloween 2015

Featuring reviews of:
Includes a look at Trick or Treat (1986), Trick or Treats (1982),
We are Still Here, X-Ray, Breeders, The Monster that
Challenged the World and Virgin Sacrifice!  - 16 MB

Issue # 6: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Featuring reviews of:
The Town that Dreaded Sundown (original and 2014 version), Headless,
Wyrmwood, It Follows, The Video Dead, The Drownsman,
Deranged & Sweeney Todd (1936)  - 24 MB

Issue # 5: Demons!

Featuring reviews of:
Demons 1, 2, 3, Black Demons, The Church, The Redeemer,
Wax, The Burning Moon, The Houses October Built, Manhattan Baby,
Mondo Cannibal, Countess Dracula, The Forest and Blood Mania!  - 71 MB

Issue # 4: Christmas 2014

Featuring reviews of:
Silent Night, Deadly Night 1 - 6, Blood Sisters, Yongary and Slaughter High  - 32 MB

Issue # 3: Halloween 2014

Featuring reviews of:
Trick 'r Treat, Satan's Little Helper, Willows Creek,
Witchcraft 1 & 2, Found., Septic Man, Flesh Eating Mothers
 Savage Weekend and the first MGM Midnite Movie review (Dr Phibes).
Also I took a trip to be on the set of HEADLESS (2015).  - 60 MB

Issue # 2: The Candyman Trilogy

Includes a look at the Candyman trilogy.  Also features reviews for
Hellraiser 9, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Fairgame, Stagefright (2014),
Kong Island, Blood Night & The Willies.  - 36 MB

Issue #1: Revisiting the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Series

Includes a look at all 7 TCM films plus the unreleased "All American Massacre."
Also reviews for Wolf Creek 2 and Brain of Blood.  - 80MB


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